Landscaping and irrigation systems

We offer all the services related to garden construction and its maintenance, including soft landscaping and irrigation systems, installation and repairing.

We offer the following services:

  • Landscaping, design and construction.
  • Garden maintenance (individuals, owners' communities, conservation entities and public organisms).
  • Design, installation and repairing of irrigation systems.
  • Ground maintenance, hedging and pruning, turfing, trees logging, etc.
  • Phytosanitary treatments.

We give technical advice to the client on the correct choice of the plant according to the climate of the location, in order to achieve an easier, cheaper and more effective maintenance of the garden.

Also, we can help you to choose the best irrigation system for your garden to obtain an optimal energy and water consumption.

Why installing an irrigation system in my garden?

In gardening, one of the most important decisions to take is what irrigation system is going to be carried out. Irrigation system election depends on the kind of plants, the dimensions of the garden, and of course, the available time for taking care of the plants and its maintenance. 

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How to design an efficient irrigation system?

Once decided on the automatic irrigation installation in a garden, it’s very important to have all the previous information that allows us to achieve a good design in order to provide an efficient irrigation to all the plants. 

The required information is:

  • Plan of the garden drawn to scale with the existing plantations. 
  • Situation of the garden plumbing connection.
  • Water flow and pressure in plumbing connection.

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High quality in irrigation material and equipments

We use materials and accessories of irrigation of leading brands, widely known for their high quality.


What can we do for your garden?

Landscaping maintenance tasks depend on the season. If you want to know the works that we could carry out in your garden throughout the year, you can download our gardening calendar in pdf file.