Why installing an irrigation system in my garden?

In gardening, one of the most important decisions to take is what irrigation system is going to be carried out. Irrigation system election depends on the kind of plants, the dimensions of the garden, and of course, the available time for taking care of the plants and its maintenance. 

The possible options we have are: 

1. Not installing any irrigation system. This can be an option for a patio or a small garden but, of course, it forces to spend time to irrigate the plants and to have someone who would water them during the holidays.

Anyway, the amount of water that each plant receives will be unequal. Water amount won’t be uniform in the whole garden, and therefore water consumption will be uncontrolled.

Watering a lawn is very difficult because you can never achieve a uniform water distribution, so grass might be greener in some areas than in others.

2. Installing an irrigation system. In this case, the first thing to do is to analyze the kind of plants existing in the garden. Water sprinklers and diffusers are the best suitable elements for lawns. A good distribution of them will achieve that the entire watered area receives the same quantity of water per square meter.

Drip irrigation is preferred for the irrigation of hedges, trees and shrubs, because it provides water down directly at the base of every tree.

Besides, the irrigation system can be manual. In this case, it’s necessary to open and close valves to carry out the irrigation, so water consumption will be irregular and uncontrolled. 

Undoubtedly, best option is installing an automatic irrigation with a controller that adjusts the irrigation time by means of electrovalves. 

The controllers are easy to use, requiring just the days and start and end times to be set and, thereby, achieving optimized irrigation that is uniform over time and perfectly controlled in terms of water consumption.

And as for garden maintenance, the time dedicated to irrigation is eliminated, so this time might be spent on other work, such as cleaning, pruning or fertilizing.


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